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Thumnail image of Trace Me Luggage Tracker
Thumnail image of Trace Me Luggage Tracker
Thumnail image of Trace Me Luggage Tracker
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 AIRLINE APPROVED - TRACE ME Luggage Tracker provides you with a strong, durable airline approved tag for your luggage that has a unique serial number and 2D bar code ensuring your suitcase can always be identified and returned to you.


Even if you weren't one of the owners of the 37 million pieces of baggage which went missing in air transit last year, you’ll be pleased to discover that stress and anxiety caused by lost luggage can become a thing of the past if you secure your bags and cases with "TRACE ME" tracker labels.


The unique registration and recovery service provides a strong, durable tag for your luggage with an individual serial number and 2D bar code linked for life to your registration details on a secure data storage system used by law enforcement agencies, airport baggage handling organisations and lost property services across the globe.  


The personal details that match you to your TRACE ME protected luggage will not appear on the tag because they are safely and securely stored in the world’s largest property ownership register: www.immobilise.com. So you no longer need to risk identity or other kinds of theft by writing your name and address on your bags.


TRACE ME tags can be securely fastened to any suitcase, briefcase, laptop carrier, ski holdall, and golf bag and are suitable for all members of the family.


Trace Me Protects you for life

Prompted by the media reports of mishandled baggage, the loss of a staggering 37 million items of luggage last year alone and the revelation that hundreds of suitcases are sold at auction every week –


TRACE ME Luggage Tracker has identified a straightforward solution.


A solution to


prevent untold distress and inconvenience from the loss and subsequent selling of your personal possessions

prevent damage to business from the loss of work documents and materials

prevent the risk of identity theft. 

The restrictions on the amount and size of hand luggage have tightened considerably, forcing more and more personal items to be stowed in hold luggage. This increases your exposure to identity theft should your baggage be lost and subsequently sold.


What if my luggage doesn't arrive ?


Tell the service desk in the baggage collection hall before you leave the airport. They will give you a Property Irregularity Report to fill in. It will ask for a description of your suitcase – make sure you include the name TRACE ME with your tag’s serial number.


What happens next ?

Because your case carries a TRACE ME identity tag, the handling agent will scan the barcode or enter your serial number into the worldwide computer network system. This will identify you as the legal owner of the case. This system is used by airlines and baggage handlers across 1,960 airports.

How am I notified ?


A text message will be sent notifying you that your bag has been found, an email message will provide details of its location and instructions on who to contact to recover your case. In some instances the notification will be directed through the agent’s own system.


Your unique TRACE ME serial number can be used as proof of ownership when you come to identify your bag


The system is extremely straightforward.    


The handling agent scans the tag or enters the serial number.

The legal owner is identified within the system.

A text message and email message notify the owner that their bag has been found and provide instructions on what to do next.


Outside the airport


The effectiveness of the tag is not limited to air travel.

Our tough TRACE ME tag provides train operators, the police, lost property services and even local transport companies with the facility to securely identify your luggage and immediately notify you how to retrieve it from anywhere in the world.


Each customer has a personal online account with Immobilise.com for updating change of address, telephone and email details.


Your TRACE ME Luggage Tracker tags will be posted to you with step-by-step instructions on how to register your details online. This is done on the Immobilise.com website, the national ownership possessions register.

There is an annual renewal fee of £ 9.50 per Tag

The information collected is the means of reuniting you with your luggage should it ever go astray and so a mobile telephone number and email address are essential.

If you prefer not to have your home address recorded in the database a work address or other place of contact can be given.


Register other items for free.


Once you have registered you will have access to the www.Immobilise.com member's area where you can add or amend your personal contact details.


You can also use your account to register the serial numbers of possessions such as mobile phones, cameras, lap tops, iPods and in-car entertainment.


This is a free service offered by the world's largest possessions ownership database allowing you to be traced as the owner of recovered or stolen goods.




Peace of Mind


Personal details are very sensitive information and the impeccable credentials of the MEND database mean peace of mind for the individual. By registering with TRACE ME your property is protected within the world's largest property ownership database, along with over 20 million other users - the only ownership registration service supported by all the UK Police forces, the Greater London Authority and Transport for London.


Proof that you are the owner


The TRACE ME Luggage Tracker serial number provides a unique identifier for your case. We recommend you keep a record of the numbers of your tags with your travel documents, but you can always access them via your online account. Providing your number is a quick and effective way of proving you are the legal owner of the bag.

Case Internal Dimension(mm) Depth(mm) External Dimensions(mm) Weight(kg)
Length Width Depth Lid Base Length Width Depth With Foam W/out Foam With Divider
Trace Me Luggage Tracker N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Medium image of Trace Me Luggage Tracker
Medium image of Trace Me Luggage Tracker
Medium image of Trace Me Luggage Tracker
Medium image of Trace Me Luggage Tracker

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