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Medium image of Peli ISP2 Case EU040040-1010
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PELI-HARDIGG™ ISP2 Case EU040040-1010
Weight 4.3 KG.
NSN Number 8145-99-406-2132

 All cases in the ISP2 product range are interstackable in both directions.


    • Moulded-in, tongue-in-groove gasketed parting lines for splash resistance and tight seals, even after impact.
    • Reinforced corners and edges for additional impact protection.
    • Peli's patented Comfort Grip Handles.
    • Recessed hardware for extra protection
    • Positive anti-shear locks, which prevent lid separation after impact, and reduce stress on hardware.
    • Moulded-in ribs and corrugations for secure, non-slip stacking, columnar strength, and added protection.
    • Patented moulded-in metal inserts for catch and hinge attachment points, which provide strength and spread loads to the container walls.
    • One-piece construction, moulded from lightweight, high-impact polyethylene.


Shifting loose cargo can slow down your operations and threaten the mission with damaged freight. The new ISP2 Cases from Peli virtually eliminate load movement with a unique Inter-Stacking Pattern (ISP). Designed to stay secure in transit, ISP2 Cases are engineered with 10x10cm squared pattern matching the lids with the base. The integrated squared design works in tandem to lock the cases together in a stack, permits an easy cross-stacking among all models and enhances their rotationally moulded polymer construction's load bearing properties.

With the Peli-Hardigg ISP2 Case this system allows taller loads that won't shift or become loose from turbulent air, high seas or dilapidated road conditions. Optimised for most known pallet sizes including the Standard Euro Pallet, the NATO Pallet and 463L Master Pallet, the ISP2 Cases are available in 64 different case sizes, from 0,018 to 0,576 cubic metres of storage, that can be combined to maximize the total volume of available space in each pallet.


Peli-Hardigg ISP2 ContainerStandard features include an o-ring seal, reinforced corners and edges (15-20% thicker corners and edges for added protection), patented moulded-in metal inserts with recessed hardware and comfort grip high-impact polymer handles (for easy team lifting). The ISP2 case material is a proprietary polyethylene formula that achieves the optimum balance of light weight, panel rigidity and durability.


Case Internal Dimension(mm) Depth(mm) External Dimensions(mm) Weight(kg)
Length Width Depth Lid Base Length Width Depth
Peli ISP2 Case EU040040-1010 315 315 170 100 100 400 400 200 4.3

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Medium image of Peli ISP2 Case EU040040-1010

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